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Applying Risk Management to Investing in the Stock Market

Risk management is a critical component to investing in the stock market. In the article “How Risk Management Should Guide Every Stock Trade” we defined risk management as well as looked at some common investing myths that devalue risk management. Today, we’re going to get practical and explore some specific ways investors can develop and apply risk management techniques in order to preserve capital, minimize risk, and maximize returns (the motto here @ Invest in the Markets). Common Risk Management…

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Enter a Trade

How to Develop and Exit Strategy Before You Enter a Trade

How to develop an exit strategy before you enter a trade on the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P or any other stock exchange is one of the most important steps to making money in the stock market. Not only should investors know your investment style and match it to meet your end goals, but every trader must have an answer to the “what if” question. Failing to plan an exit strategy before you enter a trade can lead to clinging to a falling…

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Invest In the Markets

Invest In the Markets: Examples of Setting Appropriate Stop Loss Orders

Capital Preservation is Essential for Successful Investing This is the premise from which I draw the following conclusion:  Use stop losses to protect your capital and gains!   Listen… it’s just that I hate to lose money.  Furthermore, I’m a weekend investor who doesn’t have time to sit in front of the computer screen for hours at a time, making daily decisions on stocks.  So what can you do to prevent the 9% in a day drop?  Sometimes nothing when…

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Investment Guide

Investment Guide for Beginners

When a beginner should start right? First, I think it should be with this realization. The bag is not the place to get rich quick ambitions. If wealth can be acquire in an instant, not in the field of investment, despite appearances. While you may hear some stories about homer in the end, most people moderately funded almost never get rich in stocks investment. Shareholder value: even if it doubles in a year or (a very unlikely event), you must…

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