Stock Trading Secrets

You make money at your profession because you know and understand it well. The same principle applies too stock trading.

OUR GUIDE on stock screening, stock-analysis and systematic-stock trading presents the concepts and terminology in a quick, simple and productive manner.

  • In today’s fast paced world it’s a time saving program.
  • Novice or pro you’ll surely benefit from this GUIDE.

  We’ll show YOU how to focus your attention in the right place at the right time.

  • Following a set procedure with proven results develops this ability to FOCUS. 
  • Understanding risk, controlling eMOTIONS and reaping rewards that’s what it’s all about.

  We’ll show YOU how to research and find the different screening criteria available.

  • Cash flow analysis may involve a bit more work, but it can uncover attractive investment opportunities.
  • It’s the information you need to formulate a well-planned stock trading system. Without such information you would only be guessing!

  We’ll show YOU how 6 BASIC SEARCHES reap above average rewards.

  We’ll show YOU how 10 DELUXE SUPERCHARGED SEARCHES take full advantage of out of favor stocks.

  We’ll show You 3 Important Portfolio Steps.

  • Portfolio Weighting and Balance
  • Portfolio Holding Periods
  • Portfolio Trading or Rebalance

  We’ll show You How we Trade A Few Good Stock Trading Systems.

Our screening strategies and financial data are built on solid research from the finest companies and services available. Stock screening weekly and depending on timely precise information is critical for our success. Daily market watch and news up-dates help maintain our portfolio screening process with top quality stocks. We utilize each financial website to our advantage and if they have winning screens so be it. We will use them!

   We’ll show You How we did it “Trade by Trade”

  • Our Portfolio #1 193 % Gains.

  We’ll show You How we Trade Today!

  • Via our secure website YOU get our monthly stock picks.

  Stock Trading Secrets……….. THIS is the keystone of the Stock Traders System program and what has allowed us to expand, grow, and prosper into the trading program we are today.  A short 5 & 1/2 years after our initial launch OUR company is stronger than ever before and has achieved an enviable reputation in the stock trading community.

After a month or so of initial growth, we heard comments such as, “Yeah, Stock Traders System is a cool concept, alright, but it’s going to be just like all the other ‘hot, new mechanical’ trading programs.  In three months you won’t hear of ‘Stock Traders System’ anymore.”

Then in SIX months, when we were still around, we heard things like, “OK, Stock Traders System is still around, so maybe they DO have a little something more than the typical mechanical stock trading program.  But…only one in ten stock trading programs last a year.  Don’t worry – they won’t be around to celebrate their first anniversary!”

We celebrated our third year by having one of our best sales months ever, and by announcing the launch of the revised and updated “Stock Trading Secrets.”

Now here we are, five & half years later – still go-in’ and still grow-in’.  What has been the secret of our success?

  • Maybe it’s the fact that we DO have a product with genuine value -mechanical stock trading.
  • Maybe it’s because we offer a legitimate easy to understand system not some pie-in-the sky, “you’re-gon-na-make-a-million-dollars-GUARANTEED” type of hype.
  • Maybe it’s because we offer a simple HOW WE GOT STARTED and WHO WE ARE explanation.
  • Maybe it’s OUR actual posting of WHAT STOCKS WE TRADE.
  • Maybe it’s the explanation of MECHANICAL TRADING and PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT.
  • Maybe it’s controlling that e-MOTIONAL thing THAT we all suffer from.
  • Maybe it’s the low system selling price of  $39.95.

Stock Trading Secrets 

A Complete Guide to Mechanical Investing 

Trading our stock selections with Stock Traders System, will alert you when it’s time to buy and when it’s time to sell. Mechanical stock trading with a winning system. 

You will never sweat YOUR stock picks again, We ‘ll pick-em for YOU.

There has never been a better time to start the Stock Traders System. It’s a matter of public record that we can’t trust the analysts, accountants or CEOs.

The Stock Traders System  trades according to a Mechanical set of criteria that has been in active use since the 1970’s. It only relies on data to “make the call”.

It really is an amazing system. The Stock Traders System consistently picks winning stocks Month after Month.

If You had the Stock Traders System in 1999 you could have GAINED 193% in ONE YEAR. That’s the POWER this system can generate.

With the Stock Traders System you will more effectively manage the stocks you trade with a systematic, mechanical and disciplined method.

[leading]Stock Traders System is the ultimate resource for day traders.[/leading]

We teach you how to approach the stock market like a trading professional. Browse our educational information – all 100% free.